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In City Confessions host and Native New Yorker Mariann Yip leads an ongoing causal and raw discussion with real people living in the city to share and laugh about their highs and most importantly their lows.
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5 Latest Episodes

Ep 91: Jeniece Trizzino – VP Of Product Development At Scentbird – How Scentbird Changed The Fragrance Industry -The Process And Timeline Bringing A Skincare/ Beauty Product From Idea To Life?>

Ep 90: Deanna First – NYC Based Illustrator – How She Found Her Passion For Art And Drawing – Power Of Relationships And Networking As A Freelancer- Shifting Her Business Since Pandemic?>

Ep 89: Lana Stacy – New York State Licensed Acupuncturist – Power Of Healing And Prevention – Beauty Of Practicing Slow Living- Lessons From Grieve And Personal Loss – Love For NYC?>

Ep 88: Reagan Petrehn- Partner Head Of Brand Of Felix Roasting Company – Starting A String Of Businesses – Insights From A Creative Entrepeneur- Power Of Community?>

Ep 1: The City Confessions – Why I Started This Podcast- Health Confession?>