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How to Lend Money to Strangers Brendan le Grange

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How to Lend Money to Strangers is a podcast about lending in all its forms and in all the markets in which it takes place however diverse those markets may be. In fact it’s a case of ‘the more diverse the better’ in this show which has hosted guests from Manila to Moscow from Mumbai to Madrid from Shenzen to Chicago from Swansea to Singapore...

I am your host Brendan le Grange and I have spent the last twenty years working in - or alongside - lenders across Africa Asia and Europe and I’ll be using that experience to find and learn from industry insiders in a series of weekly interviews.

Sometimes those interviews discuss the inspiration behind a new start-up sometimes they look back at a career spent at the lending coal face and sometimes they explore where the latest technologies might take us. In the end if it shapes a lending decision we’ll talk about how.

You can join us every Thursday here or wherever you prefer to find your podcasts. And you can find written transcripts and more content can be found at www.HowToLendMoneytoStrangers.show

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